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Jathan writes many different kinds of stories and articles. Here are some of his favorites.









Photo Essays








Websites, Blogs & Social Media

While in college, Jathan studied Web design and maintenance, used DreamWeaver for site design and is proficient with HTML and CSS. He frequently contributes to and maintains numerous WordPress blogs and social media feeds on sites like Facebook and Twitter. View his work via the links below.



Social Media

Magazine Concepts

During his college career, Jathan became passionate about magazine publishing and design. He worked on two huge projects which he is very proud of, Icon and Verge. Both publications were labors of love that he and his teams created for two very different audiences. Enjoy exploring his collection of files for each publication.


For Icon, Jathan collaborated with co-editors Ben Grewe and Chip Reeves to develop the magazine’s concept. Icon is a men’s magazine that is representative of the American Male. As the mission statement says, “It helps him make sense of his chaotic life by providing him with the tools he needs to stay in touch with current trends, to find his own sense of style and to create balance between his commitments to family, career and self.” Watch Icon’s video presentation or peruse the proposal, content inventory and even the first issue’s table of contents.



Verge, on the other hand, is a magazine for twenty-somethings that stand at that point in their lives when they must transition from college to career. As the Editor-In-Chief, Jathan worked with a wonderful team of creative minds (pictured below) to develop this product.  Get a glimpse into the magazine’s vision by watching the preview video below. Visit Verge Magazine online now!

The original Verge staff
Students at the University of Cincinnati created Verge Magazine, a new publication for twenty-somethings as they transition from college to career. (Pictured above, from left to right: Jathan Fink, Marielle Murphy, Andrea Schwallie, Chris Reid, Corey Gibson, Jenny Wohlfarth, Desiree Bennet, Jacqueline Kern and Megan Groves. Photo by Elise Manahan.)




In addition to his work in print media as a writer and editor, Jathan also worked as an award-winning radio producer and personality. Click here to listen to his work.


Jathan loves putting together videos for personal, volunteer and professional projects. Check out the two above or view more on his video page.

Check out Jathan’s professional portfolio here.

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