When I chat with clients, companies and potential colleagues about my work, they frequently ask to see my portfolio so they can see tangible examples of what I bring to the table.

Typically, I tuck a binder under my arm and present it to them since technology can’t always be trusted to work on demand, and none of us likes that panicky feeling of not being able to deliver the goods when they are needed most.

I always have an old-fashioned paper copy for them to peruse, just in case. Besides, I find that doing so allows interested parties to ask questions about what each item within my portfolio represents and grants me the opportunity to showcase what I can do for them if we decide to work together.

Whether you’re simply looking for ideas about how to assemble your own portfolio or are interested in working with me, I hope you enjoy taking a gander at my work. If you have more questions, you can aways contact me and I’ll be happy to continue our discussion.


COMMUNITY: I love to celebrate the best that a community has to offer, and there are loads of ways to do it! Creating vibrant content that engages your audience never fails. Shine a spotlight on hometown heroes and other fascinating people and events to let folks know what makes your town so special.

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EVENTS: Nothing builds community like inviting everyone to enjoy special events that touch their lives and leave them with memories they will remember for years to come. After all, who doesn’t love a concert, street festival, opportunities to try yummy eats or simply kick back with people they care about? The trick is finding out what your audience wants most and giving it to them in spades.

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SOCIAL MEDIA: I can’t stress it enough. In fact, I practically shout it from the rooftops every time I start teaching companies how to use social media channels. No matter which one you utilize, the key word is “social.” We want to create a conversation with our subscribers, followers, friends, etc. Use photos, videos, creative memes, etc. to get the job done. And remember, they don’t have to be fancy as long as they promote social interaction on a consistent basis.

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BLOGS, ARTICLES & NEWSLETTERS: Even though life’s fast pace has most of us consuming our news in bite size nuggets these days, many of us still enjoy reading longer-form content that is both informative and entertaining. Therefore, never hesitate to publish blog posts and articles to your website and in your company newsletters. Just remember to tell your audience about them through your social media channels too. Here are some of my favorites over the years:

MOCK UPS: Occasionally, organizations ask me to put together a sampling of what I might be able to do for one of their upcoming events. Here are some that I did for an event called Kids Day at the Life Safety Park in Coppell, Texas. As you will notice, consistent branding is key, no matter what form the advertisement comes in.

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TUTORIALS: Occasionally, an instructional document is needed when teaching people how to do something they have never tried before. While working on a documentary project, we had to interview lots of people who were very nervous about being on camera. This document called “Unscripted” helped prep folks before we filmed them, and therefore helped calm their nerves in the process.

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