A Message from Jathan Fink

Esperanza Hurley and Heather Fink

Jathan’s two favorite funny girls, his niece Esperanza Hurley and wife Heather. (Photo by Jathan Fink, Jadeworks Entertainment)

Hello everyone,

June has arrived, and so has the summer heat and humidity. Now that the rains that flooded North Dallas seem to have subsided, the rivers are once again receding and the long, languid, sunny days of the season are finally here. I have to admit that even though I typically don’t revel in the heat, after spending what seemed like an endless winter in New England with enough snow to bury our house, I’m loving being back in Texas and am actually kind of enjoying the warmth (so long as I can retreat to the air conditioned comfort of the indoors when it becomes too unbearable). I’ve moved around a lot in life, and I’m always happy to see the big Texas sky when I return. If you’ve never been here, you need to visit, because it is something you have to experience to fully appreciate.

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently left my job at Townsquare Media to return to Texas and seek new opportunities. I’ve had several interviews, and am still looking, but am hopeful about some of the chances that seem to be appearing. But I’m also taking the opportunity to work on some projects I had set aside and am once again at work on new fiction, which is always a joy. The process of creating new dilemmas for the characters who have tumbled around in my brain for the past few years is always exciting, and I’m really enjoying getting to know these new people as I transfer them from my mind to my computer. My writing process is pretty organic, and as I’m living in a hotel at the moment, it is fun to write in restaurants and coffee shops again and get out of the structured office environment. Thankfully I’m able to block out my surroundings fairly easily. I’ll keep you posted regarding the new job and the writing, so stay tuned.

Moving back to Texas has also given me the chance to connect with family and friends again who I haven’t seen in over a year. It’s amazing to me how quickly life changes. My wife and I just had lunch today with a family we love dearly, and they have a new addition to their family, precious little Clay Emmit, who is a little chunk, but just as adorable as can be. My cousin Mitch and his wife Taylor’s little girl, Paisley, is sprouting like a weed and has way too much energy, but is a total joy to be around with her ever present smiles and bouncing curls. Then there are my sister’s children who have both grown up into gorgeous young women. My 13-year-old niece, Esperanza, is stunning, and has a quick sense of humor and tons of talent. One of her pictures was recently featured at the local arts and humanities building and was very provocative and insightful, particularly considering her age. The fact that she is the same height as I am already is something I’ll have to come to terms with. Kids just grow up way too quickly!

Cut and Thrust review

Jathan’s review of Stuart Woods’s ‘Cut and Thrust’ appears in the paperback edition of ‘Paris Match.’ (Photo by Jathan Fink, Jadeworks Entertainment)

Finally, you may have seen this on Facebook if you follow me there, but I recently stumbled across one of my book reviews that I wrote for WBSM and Fun107.com on the front page of the paperback edition of Stuart Woods‘s Paris Match. I didn’t know that they were going to use it in the book, so I was very excited when I came across it in the book aisle at Target. I started writing those reviews as a labor of love because I’ve always been a huge bibliophile, so I’m totally delighted to see them get noticed by the authors, publishers, etc.

Needless to say, I’m having an active summer, bopping around the South again, visiting people I love, making new friends and checking out places I haven’t ever been to before. Oh, and before I forget, if you haven’t seen Disney’s Tomorrowland starring George Clooney, you are missing out. I went to see it with my wife and mom the other day, and we all loved it. This is a film Walt would have been proud of because it is smart, fun, dazzling, and totally entertaining. So go check it out. In the meantime, have a wonderful summer and I hope we can catch up again soon.

Love, Jathan

About Jathan Fink
Jathan is a journalist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He is also a travel junkie, foodie and jazz aficionado. A California native, he resides in Texas.

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  1. Sam says:

    Hope you land somewhere great soon!

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