Actress Sonia Satra Wants To Activate Your Life

Actress Sonia Satra may be best known for her roles on television dramas like One Life To Live and Guiding Light, but now she motivates men and women across the country with a new exercise regimen called “moticise.” 

After soaps started to vanish from daytime television, Satra decided to blend two of her other passions: fitness and life coaching. The result is a new program that integrates mindset tools into your cardio workout, which includes aerobics and biometric exercises.

While exercising, participants in the program are led through a process that includes visualization, goal setting and affirmation. “It’s kind of like having a life coach and a fitness trainer all in one,” Satra told me during our recent interview.

Satra started doing women’s empowerment adventures several years ago which tied a life coaching workshop with an adventure, so she was already in the mindset of integrating the idea of a theme workshop with an exercise component.

But it was while running on the treadmill and watching depressing television news that Satra realized she wasn’t being inspired. Suddenly, she had an epiphany. She decided to create something that guided people through a process that allowed them to visualize and create the goals they really want while they exercise. That’s when the concept for moticize was born.

In this new program, participants choose a single goal and work on it from different angles. They will imagine having already accomplished the goal so they train their mind and body to prepare for it. “People are more resourceful when they feel good,” Satra says.

It is also important to look at what you already have in place to make the goal happen. This gets people to stop looking at what they don’t have and to take stock of what they have and need instead.

Satra helps people identify what is stopping them from fully realizing their goals. Then from a clean slate, participants decide what action steps they can take. By the end of the program, people walk away with action items that help them get into the ring of life.

When all is said and done, Satra wants people to feel empowered and motivated, equipped to accomplish whatever goals they’ve set for themselves.

Listen to my chat with Sonia above, then visit for more information to learn how you can transform your mind, body and spirit.

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