The Sing-Off Live Tour Brings Providence To Its Feet

The Sing-Off Live


Tonight the South Coast was in for a major treat as the Sing-Off Live Tour arrived in Providence for one night only. The concert, based on NBC’s hit TV show, was more than simply a revue of the show’s past contestants. Rather, it was a celebration of the human voice and its spirit transcended the music and connected everyone in the auditorium with an electric charge that brought the audience to its feet time and again.

When the Exchange arrived on stage, their combined vocal power threatened to blow out the lights at Veterans Memorial Auditorium. With high energy dance moves, this group really knows how to get the party started.

Richard Steighner‘s amazing vocal beatbox pumped up the crowd, while Aaron Sperber and Alfredo Austin raised the roof with their soaring tenor vocals, Jamal Moore buoyed each song with his rich baritone and Christopher Diaz‘s bass seemed to reverberate in our bones.

Together, these five guys are a force of nature that shines on every song they sing. And when they perform Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive,” the stage nearly combusts with more star power then the Backstreet Boys ever had!

When VoicePlay takes to the stage you know you’re in for a great time! Each member of the group emanates joy, and that isn’t lost on the crowd. VP has a knack for turning familiar tunes into totally original, unabashedly outrageous, over-the-top productions that they make all their own.

As tenor Earl Elkins, Jr. told my wife and I after the show, he’s never afraid to do anything on stage for a laugh. And that’s what this uber-talented cast of seemingly mix matched singers does in spades, especially when they invited an unsuspecting member of the audience on stage to join them.

Bass man Geoff Castellucci‘s deep voice is ever soulful, while Layne Stein is a true wunderkind on vocal percussion. Eliezer “Eli” Jacobson has fun appearing to be a bit “out there,” but his rocking vocals are second to none. And as for Tony Wakim, well it wouldn’t be a surprise if the animator turned singer eventually becomes one of Broadway’s biggest stars.

Last but not least, Nashville-based Street Corner Symphony is one of those acts you come across once in a lifetime. Each member of the group is a multi-talented composer/performer who can deftly transform a ballad like Radiohead’s “Creep” into a haunting, intimate, searing masterpiece that is as riveting as it is original. Then with the next song, they continue to raise the stakes and take the show to a whole other level.

It might appear at first that the Lister brothers (who make up half of the group) are at the helm. After all, Jeremy’s tenor voice frequently dazzles and both Jonathan and Richie’s baritones alternately rock out or harmonize on songs like “Uptown Funk” that keep your body moving despite yourself.

Adam Chance‘s bass is as sultry as a summer’s night on a Louisiana bayou on the song “Voodoo,” while Mark McLemore‘s high tenor has us grooving like an alter boy after church. But the one I loved watching most had to be Kurt Zimmerman on vocal percussion. A real live wire, Kurt bounced and jammed all over the stage with a tireless energy that swept us up and carried us gladly on his wave of pure talent.

Whether you are a fan of the Sing-Off television show or simply love pure talent and good music, this was a not-to-be-missed performance that had folks of all ages singing, dancing, cheering and applauding the singers with one standing ovation after another. Each group consistently brought its own special chemistry to the stage, but as a whole, all that tangible power seemed to explode in a stellar display of fireworks that puts many bigger ticket concert performances to shame. The Sing-Off Live Tour proved to be a non-stop party the audience didn’t want to end.

If you missed the show at the VETS, don’t fret. This was only the second performance of the tour. The show will be at the Mohegan Sun on Feb. 27 and will then pull into Boston’s Wilbur Theatre on March 2.

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