There Comes A Time – Part One [FICTION]


In an effort to take control of her life once again, one woman begins at the gym. (Photo by Garen Meguerian, Flickr)

Clunk! Carla dropped the weights, her arms too weak to curl fifty pounds at once. She hadn’t been to the gym in years, and she winced from the effort. Sweat dripped from her brow, her face was flushed, and she felt as though she wanted to vomit. She chugged some water and wiped her face, then tried a lighter weight and successfully completed a set, even if it was a little on the shaky side. Read more of this post

A Message from Jathan Fink, August 2015

Texas wildflowers

Texas wildflowers (Photo courtesy Jon Clegg, Flickr)

Hi Everyone,

The long, lazy days of summer are in full swing, especially here in Texas where temperatures in Dallas/Fort Worth have reached 108 degrees in some places, and taking a walk is the equivalent of swimming underwater without a snorkel, the air is so thick with humidity. Even so, every time August rolls around, I can’t help but feel as though the magic of summer has slowly started to wane. Read more of this post

Live Your Truth

Jathan's Truth

Happiness comes when you live your truth and allow others to do so as well.

Have you ever heard someone say something that resonated with you, even though the thought wasn’t necessarily a new one? Yesterday, sitting in my place of worship, I heard the speaker say, “We can’t make other people live our truth.” This wasn’t a new concept for me or one of those “Aha!” moments Oprah always talks about having, for it is a lesson I learned during college psychology classes and have read in numerous journals over the years. But the reminder is one that I believe most of us need to hear from time to time. Read more of this post