What Made Middle School Principal Roger Boddie Cry? [VIDEO]

Roger Boddie

What makes a longtime educator like Principal Roger Boddie cry? (Photo courtesy YouTube)

Teaching is tough. Not only is there a lot of bureaucratic red tape to navigate through so schools get funding, but educators have to deal with apathetic students, parents who don’t want to support their children’s education, and a shortage of teaching materials for overpopulated classrooms. And that is just the tip of the iceberg! So with all of those stressors affecting educators every day, what made middle school principal Roger Boddie cry? 

When the principal of Hingham Middle School in Massachusetts decided to retire earlier this year, he was asked to guide a video tour of Hingham’s brand new school. But he had no idea what would occur during taping. Watch below and see what happens!

Wasn’t that cool? I liked what teacher Marie Crigler said about this video. “As a fellow educator you work so hard and at times feel that you have so many against what you are trying to do. You remember every child that passed through your classroom and hope that you have reached them all. Great to see someone showing appreciation. GREAT JOB KIDS!”

Like I wrote for last month for KOSY, great teachers truly champion the children they teach. Mr. Boddie was obviously one of these amazing educators. But not every teacher gets this kind of thanks.

So let’s do this: Have you had a teacher that made a big impression on your life? Tell me about him or her and what they did that made an unforgettable impact on your life. Then I’ll share some stories about some of mine. I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say.

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