3 Reasons To Keep Working Out Even When You Don’t Want To

Child looks at exhausted mother

Life can be exhausting which is why it is important to workout and build stamina. (Photo by Sean Dreilinger/Flickr)

One of my friends recently said that although everyone else in her family regularly hits the gym, after dealing with a day’s worth of Texas heat, she is just too tired to work out. “I simply don’t have the energy or desire,” she said. Although there are lots of folks who would agree with her (I used to be one of them) now I know that her response is exactly why she should begin a fitness regimen!

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5 Fitness Tips To Help You Meet Your Inner Channing

Man working out at gym

Getting the right mindset is an essential part of working out. (Photo courtesy istolethetv/Flickr)

I’ve never been one who understood folks who say that they absolutely love to workout. For years, friends have told me I should join them in some kind of activity, whether they run miles on the road, clock hours at the gym or play tons of sports. I just never really got the attraction.

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