17 Internship Opportunities to Kick Start Your Career in Journalism


This summer, launch your journalism career with one of 17 fabulous internships.
(Photo by Media Arts Center San Diego Digital Gym, Flickr)

When I talk to students contemplating a career in journalism, the first thing I tell them is that they need to look for great internships to kick start their career. When I was still a j-school student at the University of Cincinnati, internships were built into our curriculum, but that’s not always the case, depending where you go to university. Still, whether or not internships are mandatory for graduation, working as an intern is a smart idea because internships provide real world experience, help students network with professionals, and sharpen your focus when it comes to picking an area of expertise. Read more of this post

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Probably A Story

Smoke rises over eastern Texarkana

Smoke rises over eastern Texarkana toward Mandeville early one morning. (Photo © 2012 Jathan Fink)

Smoke billowed into the sky and nearly blocked out the sun as I headed to work two weeks ago. I wondered what could be burning, if anyone was hurt, or what kind of tragedy the fire rose out of. I had been out shooting photos for another story already that morning and was running behind schedule, plus I had a billion things to do that day and chasing down a fire wasn’t on the agenda. But the journalist within said “Where there’s smoke, there’s probably a story.”  Read more of this post