Where There’s Smoke, There’s Probably A Story

Smoke rises over eastern Texarkana

Smoke rises over eastern Texarkana toward Mandeville early one morning. (Photo © 2012 Jathan Fink)

Smoke billowed into the sky and nearly blocked out the sun as I headed to work two weeks ago. I wondered what could be burning, if anyone was hurt, or what kind of tragedy the fire rose out of. I had been out shooting photos for another story already that morning and was running behind schedule, plus I had a billion things to do that day and chasing down a fire wasn’t on the agenda. But the journalist within said “Where there’s smoke, there’s probably a story.”  Read more of this post

My Life as a Food Critic

Food Critic Ego in Ratatouille


Recently, I was surprised when someone told me that I don’t really seem like a food critic. I didn’t take offense. I knew what they meant. Read more of this post

Jathan’s Next Chapter Begins in Texas

Big sky over Texas road

Jathan starts a brand new day… in Texas! His next chapter is sure to be the biggest one yet. (Photo © Nuevo Anden/Flickr)

I’m taking on a big new project: Texas! The Lone Star State will never be the same. Find out what’s taking me there. Read more of this post

True Confession: My Passion is Journalism

Journalist Notebook

Ali Wade/Flickr

During a recent trip to Lafayette, La. I was asked by several of my colleagues why I became a journalist. It is a question that frequently arises these days, when the direction of media seems uncertain, news jobs are evolving or vanishing altogether, and salaries continue to dwindle.  Read more of this post

Set Goals for 2012

Set Goals

Take charge of your life in 2012. Set goals now to accomplish everything you want to do this year.

I can’t even tell you how happy I am that 2011 is officially over. I was sick much of December, and I thought I’d lose a lung by the time I recovered after three long weeks. My entire body felt bruised from the inside out, wracked as it was with violent coughing spells that left me gasping and breathless. Thankfully I’m better now, which is a blessing I’m grateful for.

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